Author: Sheryl

  • In Casablanca

    This is the second time this week that my bag has gone MIA.

  • Leaving for Madrid

    I’m staying in the LOVELIEST guest house I’ve ever encountered.

  • On to Jo’burg!

    I think now I’ve experienced every type of public transportation in Vienna.

  • Strasbourg and Vienna

    The train ride was uneventful, calm and it gave me over an hour to just think. My conclusion? I have one of the best jobs in the entire world.

  • BFA

    I had a fun time walking around the school and meeting people today.

  • 7 x 6

    7 Things I want to do/see before I die . . . 7 Things I cannot do . . . 7 Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex . . . 7 Books and Movies I Love . . . 7 Things I Say Most Often . . . 7 Things You Should Know About Me

  • 4 Things

    Because I’m lacking thought, energy and anything of importance that’s remotely interesting going on in my life right now, I’ll jump on the 4 Things bandwagon.

  • Eventually All Things Seem to Come Together

    I found a jury summons amidst the stack of mail waiting for me. At first I thought, “Cool. I get to see the judicial system in action. I get to fulfill a civic responsibility.”

  • According to Google

    In light of my resolution to post at least once a week, I’m resorting to a google search. Here goes . . .

  • Hoodwinked

    The storyline is clever—the major characters tell the basic Little Red Riding Hood tale from their point of view.