Leaving for Madrid

Africa Sky Guest HouseWell, I definitely feel like I’ve been at a conference center in Africa.  Sigh.  I really never got out to see anything thanks to a bout with the flu.  My family guessed I’d be sick in Morocco when I get to take a few days of vacation, but no.  I beat the curve and got sick outside of Johannesburg.  Truthfully, it was the best place on this whole trip to get the flu—and the best days to do it, too.  I had plenty of nurses around (the RN type) plus access to medicine and my part of the program was over.  I just stayed in my room and let the flu run its course with some meds to help me feel less horrendous.

Now I’m staying in the LOVELIEST guest house I’ve ever encountered.  If you ever get to Johannesburg and need a place to stay, let me heartily recommend the AfricaSky guesthouse.  It’s quiet, pretty, and just lovely.  When I walked into my room I was overwhelmed . . . real art work, a beautiful bed with a silk duvet and shams and just the right amount of froufy pillows, fresh flowes everywhere—a big arrangement on the coffee table, little buds on the soaps, towels, etc.  And then while I enjoyed my scrumptious dinner, they turned back my bed and placed a single white rosebud with a sprig of rosemary on the folded back part.  Sigh.  It has been a gift to be able to spend twenty-four hours here just relaxing and feeling a bit pampered.

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