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7Kouakou tagged me.  So here goes the list of 7 things.  (Really, Jamie . . . SEVEN????  I suppose this is payback for some homework assignment somewhere in your distant past!)

7 Things I want to do/see before I die

1. Travel the world with no concern for expenses or time.  2. Go on a long cruise with my family.   3. Visit the pyramids.   4. Write or create something of lasting significance.   5. Visit a peaceful and prosperous Cote d’Ivoire.  6. Regularly stay at a comfy house on the beach.  7. Get married and live happily ever after.

7 Things I cannot do

1. Keep my desk/office/house organized and neat.  2. Ice skate.  3. Prevent my fingernails from breaking on airplanes.   4. Win at foosball.   5. Stop with just one oreo—especially the double stuf ones.   6. Sleep when my hips are cold.   7. Run a marathon.

7 Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex (in no particular order)

1. Height    2. Friendly eyes    3. Wit     4. Intelligence     5. Similar worldview and value system     6. More extraverted than I am    7. Kindness

7 Books and Movies I Love (I’ll cover books since I did movies in a previous post)

1. Hamlet   2. Memoirs of an Unrooted Childhood    3. anything by Robert Munch    4. all the Narnia books    5. When Africa was Home     6. the Bible    7. Much Ado About Nothing

7 Things I Say Most Often

1. Want a punch in the throat?  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . .     3. Baby? Truck? Empire State Building? (In response to “Guess what!”)   4. Idiots!    5. I need to do something with my hair.   6. Really?!    7.  Hi!  This is Sheryl.

7 Things You Should Know About Me

1. My roots are sunk into people more than places.   2. I can’t stand the feeling of snot in my nose—it must come out!   3. I was evacuated from my home in Africa by French troops in the middle of a civil war.  4. I rarely get enough sleep.  5. I think milk in America is one of the best drinks ever.  6. My nephews call me “O”   7. My favorite color is green.

photo courtesy of Zela

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