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web browser iconsI’m sitting at the Radisson and freezing to death.  I thought the world should know that.

I’m playing hooky from the main meetings today, well, at least this morning.  I felt totally drained by the time I left here last night.  I just don’t have the energy to participate right now.  Maybe this afternoon.

In light of my resolution to post at least once a week, I’m resorting to a google search.  Here goes . . .

All Sheryl wants to do is have some fun.  (And who doesn’t?)

Sheryl wants to make a plane and be the pilot.  (I had no idea.)

Sheryl wants a live-in or live-out job.  (Thanks, but I like the job I have.)

Sheryl wants everyone to lighten up and relax.  (Imagine a world like that!)

Sheryl wants another baby.  (Maybe someday, but you gotta have a first before you can have another.)

Sheryl wants to have kids with him?!  (Hmmm . . . there is no him that I know of right now.  Find me the right him and it could be a definite possibility!)

Sheryl wants to give Eric, one of her studio assistants, a massage on Monday.  (I don’t know any Eric, and I want the massage for myself.  I’m selfish that way.  Massages are for me.)

All Sheryl wants to do is help.  (True most of the time.)

Sheryl wants me around.  (Well . . . it all depends on who you are!)

Sheryl wants to buy second hand printers.  (Not so much)

Sheryl wants to get married and have kids and all that stuff.  (True, but with qualifications.)

OK enough of that.  Time to warm up my coffee.

photo courtesy of Phillipe Ramakers

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