red riding hoodOne of my brother’s best friends from college, Cory Edwards, is the writer/producer and whatever else of the movie.   I went to see it opening night–the make or break night for a movie.  It was a really fun movie and I’m glad I saw it (even if I was under familial orders!).  The storyline is clever—the major characters tell the basic Little Red Riding Hood tale from their point of view and then they all come together to solve the mystery and foil the threatening evil.  The animation is different than what most are accustomed to, but it’s good.  Definitely not as slick as something Pixar or Disney would give us, but that’s kind of refreshing.  There’s definitely something for everyone—kids will love it, adults will catch all the humor that zings over the cowlicks of the younger set.  It has a crude quotient of 0 and is still funny.  The ladies we sat next to thought it was hysterical; I wouldn’t go that far, but it was definitely entertaining.  (Perhaps it was the cabbage based snacks they snuck into the theater in their massive handbags!)  I hate spending $8.50 to see a movie—I’m so much more content to wait for it to hit the cheap theater or McDonald’s DVD for $1.  I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth from Hoodwinked.  See it.

photo courtesy of IIIIIT

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