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  • Stories

    My interns started working together and learning each other this week. We’ve started telling stories.

  • From Snack to Feast

    From Snack to Feast

    All year I snack. I get some quick energy and sustenance here and there. Morsels sustain me till I get to a meal. Right now I’m in the middle of a feast.

  • Get on the Bus

    Traveling between the airport and my home is a semi-regular event for me.

  • Looking Ahead: March Destination

    March of 2006 found me on a whirlwind tour of two continents.  France, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Spain and Morocco were my destinations for the month of March.  2010 finds me looking forward to repeating a similar though not identical journey.  My itinerary includes Austria, Hungary, Spain, Morocco, and Germany this time.  I get to […]

  • Continuity: Reflections on a Conference

    The SHARE conference was a blast. I got to hang out with 35 impressive teens and 4 equally impressive adults every day.

  • Leaving on a Jet Plane

    I’m helping with an education conference for missionaries in Western Europe and the former Soviet Union who aren’t using MK or international schools to educate their children.

  • All My Bags are Packed . . . Well, Some of Them

    It’s snowing and blowing and cold again in Colorado. It’s pretty, but . . . it has made me even more ready than I already was for African sun. I long for it!

  • Lots of Sitting

    Sitting on a series of planes from Colorado to Thailand is a lot of sitting.

  • Not Leaving on a Jet Plane

    Right now, I’m “supposed” to be in airspace somewhere over Canada on my way to England via Toronto.  Instead, I sit in my living room with a heating pad pressed against my back.  The heating pad back combination is merely a reminder that I’m supposed to be here. Most of the week I was torn […]

  • Houghton and TCK-PFO

    For almost two weeks I’ve been involved in a training for those headed overseas to teach, dorm parent, and administer schools and boarding programs for TCKs.