From Snack to Feast

All year I snack.  I get some quick energy and sustenance here and there.  Morsels sustain me till I get to a meal, and I do get there.  A few times a year, I feast.  I’m currently in the middle of a two week smorgasbord.  And to borrow a food related phrase–I’m lovin’ it!

My friend Josh describes facebook as a snack.  He’s right.  Facebook is a useful tool that allows me to graze through people’s lives.  I pick up nuggets and morsels as I skim through my news feed.  I learn a little of this and a little of that.  It tides me over, but it doesn’t satisfy me.

What satisfies is a meal.  The face to face interaction with people you care about.  I get those fairly regularly.  They keep me going.  They satisfy and nourish.

My last week went beyond a meal.  It wasn’t just the meat and potatoes of friendship interaction that happens on a semi-regular basis.  It was the sumptuousness of simultaneous moments saturated with friends I’m accustomed to snacking with.  I only had a week to spend with these friends who 51 weeks of the year I only see on my computer screen–sleep, or a lack thereof, wasn’t an issue.

There’s not much that can beat face to face interaction with those you care for deeply.

This week I continue to feast, but it’s a little more controlled.  Instead of having 37 teens to enjoy around the clock, I get to slowly enjoy different friends and their families in smaller but more focused chunks of time.  It’s a different type of feast this week, but it’s still a feast.

I am so thankful for last week.  I’m thankful to be part of the group pictured above.  I’m thankful they invite me into their lives.  I’m thankful I get to snack with them all year long.  I’m grateful for a week with them.  A week to listen to them up close and personal.  A week to hug and be hugged.  A week to give and receive affirmation.  A week to feast.  A week to enjoy these TCKs who hold lots of real estate in my heart.

When was the last time you feasted?  Or do you live in a continual feast?  What do you think about facebook being a snack?

facebook logo courtesy of drewkasler; group photo courtesy of MaryGrace Meyerdirk



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4 responses to “From Snack to Feast”

  1. Love it! And you! I am so happy you are geting to feast, and I rejoice in the blessing you have been to so many youth & families!

  2. I am indeed proud of your feasting on friendships. Friends are extremely important in life. God gives them to us and we receive them with thankful hearts. After being away for several months it’s been great to be home and able to help with the quilting kids. God is good to both of us.

  3. I like snacks. They keep me going. But, snacks are sometimes just something to do when I’m bored. A feast. A true meal takes planning and time. It is what truly gives life sustaining nourishment. On that same note, a feast is not something that would be healthy all the time. It should be saved for special occasions. Otherwise we would not enjoy it as much (and our waistines would suffer!). So glad you are getting filled and praying you continue to enjoy your time.

  4. Thanks, Lisa! I love that you’re happy with me. I’m so glad we’ve reconnected.

    Mom–God is good! All the time. I’m glad you got to feast with your quilting kids today. That’s a special treat.

    Tirzah, you’re right. All the different things are good in their appropriate place and measure. Feasting all the time–be it on actual food or on friendship–would lead to complacency at best. Snacking all the time would leave us hungry and malnourished. Meals do take time and forethought, but they are the mainstay of food. We need each of them. Thanks for praying!!!

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