From Snack to Feast

All year I snack.  I get some quick energy and sustenance here and there.  Morsels sustain me till I get to a meal, and I do get there.  A few times a year, I feast.  I’m currently in the middle of a two week smorgasbord.  And to borrow a food related phrase–I’m lovin’ it!

My friend Josh describes facebook as a snack.  He’s right.  Facebook is a useful tool that allows me to graze through people’s lives.  I pick up nuggets and morsels as I skim through my news feed.  I learn a little of this and a little of that.  It tides me over, but it doesn’t satisfy me.

What satisfies is a meal.  The face to face interaction with people you care about.  I get those fairly regularly.  They keep me going.  They satisfy and nourish.

My last week went beyond a meal.  It wasn’t just the meat and potatoes of friendship interaction that happens on a semi-regular basis.  It was the sumptuousness of simultaneous moments saturated with friends I’m accustomed to snacking with.  I only had a week to spend with these friends who 51 weeks of the year I only see on my computer screen–sleep, or a lack thereof, wasn’t an issue.

There’s not much that can beat face to face interaction with those you care for deeply.

This week I continue to feast, but it’s a little more controlled.  Instead of having 37 teens to enjoy around the clock, I get to slowly enjoy different friends and their families in smaller but more focused chunks of time.  It’s a different type of feast this week, but it’s still a feast.

I am so thankful for last week.  I’m thankful to be part of the group pictured above.  I’m thankful they invite me into their lives.  I’m thankful I get to snack with them all year long.  I’m grateful for a week with them.  A week to listen to them up close and personal.  A week to hug and be hugged.  A week to give and receive affirmation.  A week to feast.  A week to enjoy these TCKs who hold lots of real estate in my heart.

When was the last time you feasted?  Or do you live in a continual feast?  What do you think about facebook being a snack?

facebook logo courtesy of drewkasler; group photo courtesy of MaryGrace Meyerdirk



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