All My Bags are Packed . . . Well, Some of Them

passport stampsI leave again tomorrow.  This time for Senegal and North Africa. I’m sorry I haven’t posted any of my pictures from Thailand yet, but writing obviously hasn’t been my priority this last month.  I hope that when I get back communication in all its various forms will be more of a priority for me.

Tomorrow’s connection through Heathrow is really tight.  I’m a bit concerned that all our bags make it with us—and that we make it. I took the longest connection we were offered but it’s still less than 90 minutes.

It’s snowing and blowing and cold again in Colorado.  It’s pretty, but . . . it has made me even more ready than I already was for African sun.  I long for it!

I’m still working on one of my sessions for next week, so I suppose I need to get back to that.  If you’re praying, would you ask God to help me get all the details of the next two weeks together ASAP?  Oh—and you could mention my desire to make all the connections—both people and luggage.  Thanks!

photo courtesy of Ho John Lee

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