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country buttonsTraveling between the airport and my home is a semi-regular event for me.   Budget constraints translate into exotic flight times—like 0’dark thirty for departures and it’s late night equivalent for arrivals.  Thankfully, Denver has a good public transport system to and from the airport known as the RTD SkyRide.  Before massive economization in Denver there was a SkyRide stop about a mile from my office and another one about a mile from my home—both extremely convenient for dealing with inconvenient flight times.  Currently the closest stop is a bit further away, but still close enough not to have to roust someone from their slumber (or keep them from it) to get me to my flight or the bus on time.

In all my SkyRide use, I’ve learned a few lessons that I thought you might like to glean from.

1. When taking the SkyRide to the airport, make sure you’re waiting at the designated space at least 10 minutes ahead of time.   I’ve had to chase after a bus that only slowed down and didn’t stop when I was making my way to the designated space 3 minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive.

2. When taking the bus from the airport, go to the West terminal pick up.  You’ll get your choice of seat and be less hurried—assuming you have time to get over there.

3. Once the bus is loaded at the East terminal, it becomes a rolling United Nations.  I think I counted 5 languages being spoken within earshot the other night.  There were a few languages I’ve heard before that I didn’t hear this time.  Occasionally, I can even greet an Ivoirien in Dioula—a trade language from West Africa.

4. If you don’t have a ticket or exact change, you will curry the disfavor and annoyance of every person on the bus and every person trying to get on the bus.

5. Sitting next to the sign that tells the world where the bus is headed is a unique test of your capacity to listen to what sounds like pins repeatedly falling on a hard surface.

6.  Learning things you never wanted to know about the airlines, the TSA, RTD, and the services at the airport is common on the bus.

7. It’s much cheaper to take the SkyRide than it is to park in the cheapest airport parking for 4 days.  Not as convenient or expeditious, but it’s definitely cheaper.

image courtesy of RAWKU5

4 responses to “Get on the Bus”

  1. You’re right, Sheryl, it’s so much nicer when people leave comments – it makes you feel like your words aren’t escaping into thin air. 😉 I never rode the skyride when I lived in Denver, but it was great being only 45 min from the airport. Being 2 1/2 hours from Chicago takes even more maneuvering to get to the airport on time!

  2. Thanks, Lindsey! I grew up about a 2 hour drive from a few major airports—there was no such thing as a quick airport run. I feel your pain. No matter how you slice it, getting to the airport from that distance requires good friends or good public transport.

  3. I’m glad you rode the bus, sorry you went home to the cold and totally happy you put up with the inconvience!

  4. It was good to spend some time with you—and spending time with you where it’s warm made it that much better!

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