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A Little Deficient

vampire popsicles

I decided not to wait any longer, so I called the doctor’s office last night.  They seemed surprised that I might be curious to know what all those tests told them.  It seems the only thing they did say was that I need more Vitamin B6 in my life. On the one hand, that was […]

The Healthiest Sick Person


My new doctor, a hematologist, described me last week as “the healthiest sick person” he’d seen in a long time.  When I asked for an explanation he pulled out my blood work from a few weeks ago and told me just by my blood alone I should be flat on my back.  Interesting.  Basically I’ve […]

Brain Bubbles


I realize it has been half of forever since I’ve written.  Since I’m sitting in another training that we’re doing, and my big part is tomorrow, I’ll give you some glimpses of the things that are bubbling to the surface of my brain. I’ve had my knee brace for almost 3 weeks.  What a difference […]

Eight Belles vs. Barbaro

race horsesr

Well, the good news is I’m not a horse!  As idyllic as I thought that would be when I was a kid, I’m currently thankful God didn’t see fit to give me a TOTALLY equine kind of life. And I’m not Eight Belles—no need to euthanize me . . . yet.  I’m more like Barbaro […]

The Hospital Again

digestive system

Once again, I’ve taken up residence in the hospital with a random gastrointestinal junk.  This time it’s pancreatitis.  None of the things that generally cause this are part of my life or body chemistry.  So, it’s a mystery that means lots of sitting waiting, and no food or drink. I vacillate between accepting it as […]

Not Leaving on a Jet Plane

stop sign

Right now, I’m “supposed” to be in airspace somewhere over Canada on my way to England via Toronto.  Instead, I sit in my living room with a heating pad pressed against my back.  The heating pad back combination is merely a reminder that I’m supposed to be here. Most of the week I was torn […]