Further Changes

jelloMany thanks to all of you who prayed for me and for my parents.  My Mom was discharged from the hospital Sunday afternoon and is doing well.  She has this week off from her chemo treatments, is looking for a new secondary oncologist, and enjoying being able to be out and about.

Sadly, I never got to Florida.  I’ve spent the last 5 days in a hospital here in Colorado.  It seems some virus decided to set into my small intestines and cause an infection which caused a partial blockage.  The result—lots (about 12 hours) of throwing up Friday night/Saturday morning that led to a trip to my doctor that led to 8 hours in the emergency room, that led to being admitted till just a few hours ago.  Fun times.  I thought I cleared my week to go to Florida; I had no idea I cleared my week to stay in the hospital.

The blockage has resolved—I get to eat something besides jello!  I’m home.  My small group from church has been absolutely amazing—shopping for me, preparing bland meals, taking me home, and encouraging me like crazy.  If you don’t have a home group, I highly recommend getting one!

photo courtesy of Jen Siegrist

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