A Little Deficient

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I decided not to wait any longer, so I called the doctor’s office last night.  They seemed surprised that I might be curious to know what all those tests told them.  It seems the only thing they did say was that I need more Vitamin B6 in my life.

On the one hand, that was a bit of a let down.  13 vials of blood, one scar, one CAT scan . . . and all you can say is take 100 mg of B6 every day for the next six weeks?  So, I bought the B6 and started taking it today.  Among other things, it’s supposed to improve my metabolism which is good.  I have the metabolism of a fossil.

There you have it.  B6.  Biopsies are on hold if not canceled.  I bleed OK.  I’m assuming I don’t have malaria.  And I feel like my iron is moving back up to where it should be.  I see the doctor in 6 weeks and will perhaps learn if B6 is the key to my health and well being.

photo courtesy of qdaria

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