Eight Belles vs. Barbaro

race horsesrWell, the good news is I’m not a horse!  As idyllic as I thought that would be when I was a kid, I’m currently thankful God didn’t see fit to give me a TOTALLY equine kind of life.

And I’m not Eight Belles—no need to euthanize me . . . yet.  I’m more like Barbaro right after the race—there’s some hope.  Hopefully that’s where the analogy ends!

I just got in from my appointment with the ortho surgeon.  On a positive note he told me I’m definitely not a cry baby and he can’t imagine how I’ve been doing life for the last few months . . . and I didn’t even tell him about traveling to Asia and Africa!  He took x-rays that showed I’m bone on bone on the outside of my right knee.  He also drained 75 cc’s of fluid (not infected!) from my knee, that’s almost the equivalent of 4 fat syringes.  He kept saying, “I think one more should do it . . . ummmm . . . maybe one more after this . . . “  After draining the fluid, he injected some steroids.  I also have a prescription for a brace that will help displace my bones so that they don’t rub.  He told me some stories of other patients he has who are using it and it seems to have revolutionized their lives.  Hopefully I’ll fit into the same category.  I won’t have to wear the brace all the time, but when I’m being more active I should where it.  When the brace and the injections are no longer sufficient the next step will be a partial knee replacement.  He thinks I’ll eventually need a full knee replacement, but wants to put that off as long as possible, so partial seems to be the answer once we’ve exhausted the other steps.

I’m both discouraged and hopeful.  I’m sure part of the discouragement is realizing that the surgery in January didn’t accomplish it’s goals.  Another part comes from the accumulation of pain from the last few weeks and the zenith of it today with having my knee manipulated and drained.  And yet more is from the realization that I’m going to have to have the partial replacement sooner than later.  I’m hopeful that I can put off surgery for a good while and that the brace will do it’s job better than I can imagine.  Who knows?  I might yet conquer a hike longer than from my office to my car!  : )

photo courtesy of winterdove

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