Author: Sheryl

  • Not in the Plan

    Not in the Plan

    I sat at my friends’ home in Doi Saket, Thailand last Saturday. It was my last day in country. We’d decided a quiet day was in order.

  • A TCK You Should Know – Rachel

    A TCK You Should Know – Rachel

    Once upon a time I had an intern named Rachel.

  • Local Culture

    Local Culture

    My neighborhood’s culture has changed a lot in the last year or so. I wish I were excited about this change, but I’m not.

  • TCK Book: A Color of His Own

    TCK Book: A Color of His Own

    I ordered this book without knowing much about it. A friend recommended it to me. I needed a new book to start teaching some soon to be TCKs about the chameleon, the TCK mascot.

  • Working Ahead

    Working Ahead

    I knew I needed to work ahead today. It’s not my strong suit. In fact, it generally means I’ll do the work twice to get a pleasing result.

  • Chagrined


    I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year. It’s not like this every year. 2012 seems to be a little extreme.

  • TCK Book: There

    TCK Book: There

    Every once in a while my grocery store has a big bin of hardcover books at great prices. Once it was a regular part of my shopping routine, but now everyone in my family owns a kindle. It no longer seems like a good idea to spend my time digging through the pile to find a gift for my nearest and dearest.

  • A Decade Later

    A Decade Later

    A decade ago I stopped living in Africa. I left the community that blessed me. I left the community that sometimes made me a little nuts. A decade ago my life changed direction without prior notification.

  • What I do

    What I do

    A short video to let you know some of the things I do at WorldVenture.

  • Snapshots


    Life has been rather hectic. I plan to blog, and then my plans change.