Life has been rather hectic.  I plan to blog, and then my plans change.  If you seek profundities today, you need to look elsewhere.  If you’d like a few random snapshots of my life over the past few weeks, please keep reading.


1. The gym has become a major part of my time away from the office.  I simultaneously love it and hate it.  I love feeling my muscles at work.  I hate that I’m just a little sore most of the time.  I love that I might be getting stronger.  I hate sweating.  I really, really hate sweating so much that it drips off my nose, or that the sweat tries to drip off any semi-angular part of my body.  I hate the way the floor of the weight area smells.  I like the way I’m learning to engage the muscles I should engage instead of the ones I’ve generally used.

2. We’ve had a lull in the usual schedule.  I didn’t go to PFO.  That made me sad, but it also meant I had more time to spend with the interns and more time to prepare for the rest of the summer.  I hate being a grown up and having to make hard choices.  I know it was the right thing to do, I’m just not used to it.

3. Last year my neighbor decided the 3 square feet of arable land at the end of my “patio” slab were going to waste.  This spring we bought soil and seed.  I water it almost every day.  (Yes, occasionally, I neglect my agricultural duties.) I currently have two zucchini plants, a few pea plants, and some morning glories and/or moon flowers.  At least that’s what she says.  The zucchini seem to have plans of world domination; the others may or may not learn to climb the netting put in place for them.

4. I canceled my cable a few months ago.  I’ve discovered a few gems from BBC thanks to Amazon.  I’ve found some new to me reruns on a weird channel that you only get with an antenna.  I’m not really missing cable TV.

5. I feel like I have gazillion things I should be doing right now.  I can’t figure out what they are.  I hate that feeling.  My insides churn with the thought of all that needs to be done, but my brain can’t grab onto the facts.  I’m thankful I have a few interns who thrive on lists and charts and schedules.  I don’t, but I appreciate them (both the interns and the list-ish things they make to help me).

6. I found out (thanks to one of my interns) there has never been a known case of a chipmunk passing rabies to a human.  It’s a good piece of trivia.  Tuck it away.  You just never know when someone might just pick up a chipmunk (“Why wouldn’t you?!?!?!”) and get bit (That’s why!).

7. The fires in CO were horrid, but they didn’t come near me.  For a while there was a distinct smell of campfire in the air.  I would wonder, “Who would have a fire now?!”  Then I would remember that CO was burning.  Apparently the whole state would have a fire.

Well, there you have it.  A snapshot of my life for the last few weeks.  One picture a day.


What’s happening with you?


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2 responses to “Snapshots”

  1. I never knew that random fact about rabies, but here’s a story…

    One time we went camping (this was when we were still living in Littleton) and fed chipmunks sunflower seeds out of our hands. We arrived home that evening and turned on the TV and on the news was a story about how the plague was being passed in the chipmunk population in the area we had just been in. We spent a few days uneasy about the possibility of getting the plague, but decided after a while it was quite obvious we were not indeed going to catch the plague. 🙂

  2. Ahhhh! Chipmunks and CO seem to go together. The plague was a consideration, but since they didn’t seem to have any flea bites, we didn’t pursue that one to far. I’m glad you escaped the plague, too! 🙂

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