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Every once in a while my grocery store has a big bin of hardcover books at great prices.  Once it was a regular part of my shopping routine, but now everyone in my family owns a kindle.  It no longer seems like a good idea to spend my time digging through the pile to find a gift for my nearest and dearest.

I’ve been known to eschew good ideas from time to time. I’m so glad I did this summer! I discovered this gem of a picture book.  There by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick is a keeper.  It’s the story of a little girl with a packed bag and an equally loaded question–“When will I get there?”  I had to buy it.

I plan to use it in my orientation program for kids whose parents are embarking on the journey of cross-cultural life.  The little girl not only asks the “When?” question, but she also asks important things like if her teddy can come and if she can change her mind and who else is going.  One of my favorite questions is “Is it a jungle, There?”  Fitzpatrick’s illustration of an urban alley with African animals  on the laundry and a giraffe peering around the corner is priceless.  Those were the pages that clinched the book’s purchase for me.

If you’re getting ready for a move of any sort and have young children, this book’s for you.  It’s a great conversation starter.  If the unnamed girl in the book has so many questions, chances are your child does, too.  They may be the same; they may be different.  You might think you’ve answered them a kabillion times already, but a little review is good for the soul.


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  1. Thank you, Sheryl! I have an iPad but I still like the feel and heft of a goof book. I will check out this one right away. A great idea for a Christmas gift!

  2. 🙂 I read quickly and didn’t even notice! This is one of my new favorites. It’s on the coffee table outside my office for all to read. The table is starting to get a little crowded . . . sooooo many good kids’ books!

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