A TCK You Should Know – Rachel

Once upon a time I had an intern named Rachel.  She grew up into a very lovely young woman who earned her degree in elementary education.  She’s using that degree, but she’s being pulled in many different directions.

One of the directions she’s being pulled is seminary and member care.  (I’m pretty excited about this!)  I think her current plan is to return to the world of academia next fall.

One of the other directions she’s being pulled is music.  She’s always been good . . . and she just keeps getting better.  She’s trying to raise funds–actually, trying to presell a professionally produced EP (more than a single, less than a full album).  Here’s what she has to say about it.

Rachel’s Kickstarter project has less than three weeks to go.  If you want to support her in this effort, you can make a pledge on her page.  You won’t have to pay if she doesn’t reach her goal.  So, why not take a chance on a TCK who’s going places and making a difference with her life and her music?

She specially recorded one of my favorites that she wrote just to share with you.  This one I affectionately call the “TCK Song.”  It has another name.  She calls it, “I’m Trusting.”  I suppose I should call it that, since it’s her song and all, but really . . . it’s the TCK Song.  Here it is!

I’m Trusting (TCK Song) by Rachel Denlinger from Rachel Denlinger on Vimeo.

If you’d like to encourage her–write some of those words here.  I’ll make sure she gets them.  If you’d like to REALLY encourage her, go support her kickstarter.

photo courtesy of Daniel Christie.  Videos courtesy of Rachel Denlinger.

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