Third Time’s a Charm



Yup!  You guessed it.  I’m continuing to guest post over on the PACE blog.  This week’s installment includes thoughts on identity and relationships, developmental grief, and  leave-taking.  It also features a panel from my new, very favorite online cartoon, Doghouse Diaries.  (The link will take you to the most recent panel.)

Don’t miss it!  Hop on over to PACE and leave your TCK related thoughts.  You can do it.  I have complete confidence in you.

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  1. Soul!! I’ve been thinking of you lots lately, and wanting to have a good long chat… I think you’re traveling today or tomorrow. So you may not get this comment. Just know that I love you, and am hoping to be able to talk soon via skype or phone. Your research article is excellent and I was fascinated to read the results… Need to work on helping my kids navigate the TCK thing. Right now we’re enjoying our time together as a family. Looking forward to a trip to Prague Jan. 1-5.
    Love, Soul

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