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  • Third Time’s a Charm

    I’m continuing to guest post over on the PACE blog. Go check it out. Leave some feedback somewhere along the line.

  • TCK Book: A Color of His Own

    TCK Book: A Color of His Own

    I ordered this book without knowing much about it. A friend recommended it to me. I needed a new book to start teaching some soon to be TCKs about the chameleon, the TCK mascot.

  • Fitting


    It’s graduation time all around the world . . . at least in MK, TCK, and many international schools. The graduates don’t always realize their identity is about to be called into question over and over and over again.

  • A TCK Poem

    A TCK Poem

    As I rummaged around youtube last week I found some interesting videos made by TCKs. Here’s one of them.

  • Double Whammy – TCK & Intern You Should Know – Kerri

    Kerri Kerri is one of my interns this summer. I’ve been telling her she needs to be my intern for the last 7 years. She finally gave in and is here to help me for the next few months.