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  • Missed Anniversaries

    I missed the anniversaries surrounding one of the greatest upheavals of my life.

  • Countdown to Grief

    I’ve seen them.  They even make a widget for them.  The countdown clocks and calendars, that is.  Sometimes I understand because it’s a countdown to joy, but there are other times when I don’t get it at all. I’ll admit, I’m not incredibly time oriented.  Clocks seem more like a suggestion to me than an […]

  • Third Time’s a Charm

    I’m continuing to guest post over on the PACE blog. Go check it out. Leave some feedback somewhere along the line.

  • Never Once

    It’s a hard day.  Eleven years ago the gunfire started in earnest. Now it continues in Nairobi. So many milestones of tragedy, loss, and grief are piled into this week.  Now there are more.  This time they aren’t mine, but ones of people I love.  This third week in September seems doomed to hold too […]



    I found this video a few years ago while preparing to speak to a varied group of Third Culture Kids.

  • Emotional Rest

    Emotional rest is a necessity and a process just like physical rest.

  • Six Years Ago Part 1

    Six years ago today my phone rang much too early in the morning. Six years ago today my friend and colleague was calling to tell me she wouldn’t be coming to school today—she thought we were having a coup.

  • Waterworks

    Even though today was hard, it was a good reminder of the good that was and God’s graciousness in the good that is.