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  • Debriefing, Transition, and Other Happenings

    An amazing, tiring, multilingual, stretching, hilarious wouldn’t trade it week with great kids.

  • Waiting for the Red Bird

    Struggle seems omnipresent in my life lately.  No matter how much I wish it away, it doesn’t catch on and leave.  My health has been wearing me down—all the doings with my thyroid and now my uterus has jumped back on the bandwagon.  In short they keep growing things they shouldn’t.  My thyroid produces nodules […]

  • When Negative is Positive

    The biopsies weren’t as horrible as I’d imagined, but it’s not something I’d ever volunteer to do again. If you’ve got to, you’ve got to, but . . .

  • Bravery and Grace

    I think bravery must really be grace in action. God doesn’t give us grace till we need it.

  • Exceptional Me

    You know it can’t be good when the doctor is doing the exam and her comments escalate from “crazy” to “insane” to “unbelievable.”

  • Physicals . . . a Health Menace

    Trying to do the adult and responsibly healthy thing, I went to my annual physical yesterday. That may be the last time I put “annual” and “physical” together.