When Negative is Positive

batteriesMy biopsy results are back . . . negative for cancer!  My thyroid is a cancer free zone!!!

The biopsies weren’t as horrible as I’d imagined, but it’s not something I’d ever volunteer to do again.  If you’ve got to, you’ve got to, but . . . In total I had 14 needle sticks in my thyroid last Wednesday.  I did fine until the 12th stick.  That one went deeper than the anesthesia had gone.  I was about ready to tell her to stop it, but then I figured that would add yet another needle stick.  So, I kept my head still and let the tears roll down the side of my face.  As she did with every fine needle aspiration, the doctor asked, “How was that one?”  Before I could answer, the PA and my friend, Kathy, who had gone with me, chorused, “That one was bad!”  The doctor was surprised, but gave me more anesthesia before doing the final aspiration.

Before I left for the doctor’s office, I thought—I’ll have the biopsies.  I’ll go home and have lunch.  I’ll go into work in the afternoon.  Was I ever wrong!  I got home, had a piece of toast and slept for four hours.  I woke up with bruises all around my thyroid resembling hickies.  Oh joy.  It was cold enough to wear a turtleneck, but much too painful.  I decided to let people think what they were going to think and wore sweaters without anything near the base of my neck.  Oh well.

Now the challenge is to determine what’s causing my thyroid to grow and produce lots of nodules that shouldn’t be there.  Once that’s determined, making it stop would be a great thing.

For those of you who prayed for me—thank you!!!!!  Please don’t stop.  My body is still not doing everything it should and I’d love to get everything straightened out.

photo courtesy of Ramsamy Chidambaram

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