Bravery and Grace

ski jump, King County, WALately I haven’t been feeling so brave.  After doing my best to imitate a pincushion for my blood work last month, the thought of fine needle aspiration biopsies of my thyroid is a bit daunting.  Next Wednesday I will need to be brave.

I think bravery must really be grace in action.  God doesn’t give us grace till we need it.  I’m not in need of grace to deal with a carjacking at the moment (or hopefully ever!), so I can’t imagine how someone would deal with that in a calm manner that acknowledges God’s presence and protection.  Today I need neither the grace nor it’s byproduct bravery that accompanies multiple needles being plunged into my neck, so it’s hard to imagine what it will be like when I have it.  I know next week I’ll have it . . . at least the grace part.

As for bravery, I think that’s more of an external projection.  There are things that need to be done, and the brave go ahead and do them.  They take the calculated risk and forge ahead because something must be done.  I guess I am a little bit brave after all.  Imagine that.

photo courtesy of William H. Hansen

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