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  • TCKs, Home, & God

    Once a month or so I write a devotional for an online Bible reading and discipleship group that I help coordinate and lead.  It’s for TCKs and largely by TCKs.  I’m the only non-TCK in WorldVenture’s group.  That’s by design. This week we’re chewing on 1 Kings 6-8.  To save you from guessing what it’s […]

  • So Where’s Home?

    So Where’s Home?

    This video gives you a glimpse of some TCKs trying to answer the “Where’s Home?” question. There answers are insightful and quite typical of their people group.

  • TCK Book: Tea With Milk

    TCK Book: Tea With Milk

    It’s not a book about Africa, but it’s a keeper.



    I found this video a few years ago while preparing to speak to a varied group of Third Culture Kids.

  • A TCK Poem

    A TCK Poem

    As I rummaged around youtube last week I found some interesting videos made by TCKs. Here’s one of them.

  • “Who Are You From?”

    Often, “Where’s home?” or “Where are you from?” are the most awkwardly answered questions.

  • Drownproofing

    When “insane” and “crazy busy” are my life’s major adjectives, paper takes over.

  • Simple Blessings of Showers

    I first discovered my love for an outdoor shower at Jones’ Beach in New York.

  • Pieces of Me at Home

    Tears of joy mingled with salty homesickness as we linked arms, sat, and listened to the speaker. I was home and yet so far from home.