Simple Blessings of Showers

outdoor showerI love my parents’ house.  I feel at home there.  I know where things are and how they work.  I have “my” room and “my” chair.  There are citrus trees, a lovely screened-in pool, and an amazingly spacious kitchen.  One of my favorite things about their house (besides them!) is the outdoor shower.

Spending time swimming, floating around, and playing in the pool is great, but it’s hard to beat an outdoor shower.  I first discovered my love for an outdoor shower at Jones’ Beach in New York.  I remember being a kid in the shower enclosures—privacy, fresh air, blue sky, puffy clouds, a light breeze and fresh water to wash away the salt and sand of a day on the beach.  A perfect end to a lovely day.  Those images and sensations were indelibly inked on my memory and associated with  bliss.

When my parents built their house in Florida, they asked if I had anything to add to the wish list.  Immediately, an image of an outdoor shower popped into my mind.  My parents and their contractors delivered wonderfully.  Out of all the amazing features of their house, my favorite is definitely the simple pleasure of the private outdoor shower.

photo courtesy of Shane Robinson

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