While most of the Third Culture Kids I work with are the children of missionaries, they are part of a much larger group.  They share the moniker with children whose parents are involved in the military, international business, the diplomatic corps, aid organiztions, and other non-governmental organizations.  They are all TCKs.

I found this video a few years ago while preparing to speak to a varied group of Third Culture Kids.  I don’t think there were many military brats in the audience, but there were quite a few diplomatic corps, international business, aid organization, and, of course, missionary kids in the audience.  I love using this video in settings like that.  It shows the common threads that weave through the lives of all different TCKs.

As you watch, substitute the words “the government” or “the company” or “the organization” or “the mission” or even “God” for “military” and “country.”  It’s profound.


One of the things that isn’t verbalized but comes through loud and clear is grief.  Not a debilitating grief, but a profound hurt and sense of loss.  It accompanies so many different sound bites in this clip.  I don’t think many of the people pictured here would say they are ruled by their grief, but it’s a part of them.  It’s there for most TCKs.
My favorite part?  The beginning of the interviews–“Where are you from?”  Great answers!!!

Watch it–yes, it’s a little long, but so worth it!  Let me know what you think.  What stands out to you?  If you’re a TCK, what resonates?

photo courtesy of Defense Images/UK Ministry of Defense

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