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  • Empty


    In my department we often talk about our emotional tanks–what fills them and what drains them. We teach that we all need to fill our tanks faster than they drain.

  • On My Own

    Six weeks flew by faster than I imagined. Formal physical therapy has ended, and I’m on my own.

  • Savoring

    For the last few months thoughts of savoring and what it really means have occupied many of my thoughts.  I’ve discovered that I don’t savor enough.  Be it time with friends or doing something I enjoy, a great sunset or a tasty morsel—I tend to race through it. I think I’ve been plagued with the […]

  • Random Assortment of Thoughts

    Up and Down . . . that’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

  • 6 Weird Things

    I really don’t like too much routine in my personal life.