sunset over water

For the last few months thoughts of savoring and what it really means have occupied many of my thoughts.  I’ve discovered that I don’t savor enough.  Be it time with friends or doing something I enjoy, a great sunset or a tasty morsel—I tend to race through it. I think I’ve been plagued with the idea that if this part is good, there might be something better to get to.  While that may be true, it leads to being less content with the moment than the moment deserves.  I’m trying to slow down, enjoy what is, and let what’s next be enjoyed when I get to it.

And now on notes less philosophical . . . Have I mentioned that I think my body has things backwards?  I’ve heard far too long that one of the benefits of exercising is the release of endorphins that make you feel great.  Hrmph.  I exercise and cry.  Not happy tears.  I find it quite stupid and discouraging, but no worries, George—I haven’t given up yet.

One last thing to add today . . . around the corner is a good place to be!

photo courtesy of kgreggain

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