6 Weird Things

61. I like to leave a spoon in my hot cocoa or hot tea when I drink it. However, spoons do not belong in hot coffee; that’s just wrong in my book.  If a spoon isn’t available, one of those stirrer-wannabe-straws can work.  I’m not sure why, but cocoa and tea just seem incomplete without a spoon in the cup.

2. I’ve only broken two bones in my life. My little toe was broken first.  I was at camp and we were doing these water olympic games.  This really big kid stepped on my foot while we were running in chest deep water.  I knew there was something wrong with my toe, but my counselor wouldn’t believe me till later in the day when it turned interesting shades of green and purple.  I broke my ankle playing a soccer type game (petit poteau for anyone who knows) when I tried to get the ball away from two very competitive men.  My foot got to the ball a split second before their feet, so they both wound up kicking my ankle very hard.  I didn’t know for sure that it had been broken till four years later.

3. I really don’t like too much routine in my personal life.  If I’ve been doing something the same way for a while, I change it up.  For example, A few weeks ago I would get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, finish getting dressed and ready to go for the day.  Now I get up, eat breakfast and then take a shower.  I still haven’t figure out how to switch that up too much.  But if I do the same thing the same way for too long I feel a little stir crazy.

4. I don’t like to exercise around other people—especially not ones I know.  Last night I was headed to our fitness center at the office.  I got down to the locker room and realized there were a few people in there.  I turned around, went home and did my pilates DVD by myself.

5. When I’m trying to sleep and I can hear someone snoring loudly, my throat starts to glob up and I start to think that I’m going to choke while I sleep.

6. I love a good foot rub, but I hate having the ends of my toes touched.

photo courtesy of Emiliano Beltrani


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