Niner 9/9/09

Niner 9/9/09It’s 9 years today.  Actually the tailspin started 9 years ago yesterday as a plummet, and then 9 years ago today it became a full nose-dive tail-spin kind of thing. (Please forgive my lack of precise vocabulary all you aviators.) Nine years ago today “La Crise” (“The Crisis”) started.*  Sometimes it get’s referred to as simply “The Civil War.”  Both terms seem to be an oversimplification.  A crisis would’ve ended sooner than this spring.  A civil war just doesn’t seem like the encompassing term either.

With the advent of every September I wonder, “Will that week jump up and grab me again?”  The question itself should tell me that it will, and it did.  The bite was more of a nip this year, but it was still there.  It still bids tears I would rather not cry.  It still points out the gaping holes of having so many people I care about accessible most often through the magic of facebook.  It still begs the question if my African home can be healed.

Even though the tears flow, even though I miss so many, even though there is so much still to  be set right, I will choose joy.

I will choose to remember that evacuation brought me to my dream position.  I will choose to enjoy the relational connectedness of facebook.  I will choose to revel in the fact that I get to enjoy my family more because there are no oceans to traverse.  I will choose to embrace the new connections I have because of living in a new city and working with so many other TCKs.  I will relish the fact that even though I’ve been grounded for most of the last year, I’m meant to travel and visit people I love in both new and familiar places.  I will choose joy even when my eyes leak.

What are you choosing today?

*If you would like to read the whole story of the events of this week in 2002, please go here and start with part 1.

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  1. I was just telling about you being evacuated the other day. Strange… And the person I was talking to asked what year that had been. And I couldn’t remember. 9 years is a long time in some ways, and not so long in others… I’m so glad you’re doing what you’re doing, too. I’m sure it was a strategic way for God to get you into a place where you could love and influence even more kids for His glory. I love you.

  2. Oh, Sheryl! I will never forget that time either, though for different reasons. I remmeber the picture of you we chose for some flier we were making at the office. I remember praying for you (and the others). I remember the Eadelmans went to my parents house after debrief and what a blessing that was to them. Today when I think of that picture, I am so glad that God knew you would become a dear, dear friend. I choose to cherish every moment and every memory because none of us knows when a crisis will come. But, we also don’t know what blessings God has in store through that crisis. Love you!

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting, ladies! I tend to think of the “exodus” as a Joseph and Job situation . . . God took what others meant for harm and used it for good–and not just for me! So many people have been blessed because of the diaspora from ICA. Of course people were blessed by ICA, but I think the impact from that training ground has been multiplied because we’ve all moved out and on. That’s the Joseph part. The Job part is that God restored so much–more than double what I had. It wasn’t always what I expected, but it’s amazing!

    Jennifer–Ee fo . . . that was music to my ears!

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