Category: Evacuation

  • Missed Anniversaries

    I missed the anniversaries surrounding one of the greatest upheavals of my life.

  • Never Once

    It’s a hard day.  Eleven years ago the gunfire started in earnest. Now it continues in Nairobi. So many milestones of tragedy, loss, and grief are piled into this week.  Now there are more.  This time they aren’t mine, but ones of people I love.  This third week in September seems doomed to hold too […]

  • 11

    Eleven years ago everything got turned upside down. Not one of us saw it coming.

  • A Decade Later

    A Decade Later

    A decade ago I stopped living in Africa. I left the community that blessed me. I left the community that sometimes made me a little nuts. A decade ago my life changed direction without prior notification.

  • 9


    Actually the tailspin started 9 years ago yesterday as a plummet, and then 9 years ago today it became a full nose-dive tail-spin kind of thing.

  • And Now It’s 8 . . .

    Homesickness for what no longer exists continually crept into my heart over the last few days.

  • Six Years Ago Part 9

    Six years ago was a while ago. Somedays it feels like yesterday. Somedays it feels like another lifetime ago.

  • Six Years Ago Part 8

    Six years ago last week right after I agreed to that, Travis realized he’d lost his passport. Six years ago last week I was in charge of getting Travis a new passport.

  • Six Years Ago Part 7

    Six years ago yesterday I forgot the promise I’d made to Travis and his Mom. Six years ago today I left Africa with a mixture of relief and profound sadness.

  • Six Years Ago Part 6

    Six years ago today I felt safer than I had in a week.