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  • TCK Book: There

    TCK Book: There

    Every once in a while my grocery store has a big bin of hardcover books at great prices. Once it was a regular part of my shopping routine, but now everyone in my family owns a kindle. It no longer seems like a good idea to spend my time digging through the pile to find a gift for my nearest and dearest.

  • Where Love Leads

    I used to be able to say I’ve lived abroad for most of my adult life. As I grow older in America, I’m losing the truth of that.

  • Double Whammy – TCK & Intern You Should Know – Kerri

    Kerri Kerri is one of my interns this summer. I’ve been telling her she needs to be my intern for the last 7 years. She finally gave in and is here to help me for the next few months.

  • TCKs You Should Know – TJ

    I’m used to pretty much everything that any other normal person wouldn’t be used to.

  • Preparing for a Move

    It’s important to let them come to terms with the move, without you constantly trying to drill home the positive points.

  • Office Extremes

    A controlled cousin of chaos has taken up residence in the northwest wing of our office this week.