Office Extremes

office pre-moveA controlled cousin of chaos has taken up residence in the northwest wing of our office this week.  Because we’re growing and adding staff members it seems like everyone on the other side of this wing has been changing offices.  It’s not merely a matter of moving one person’s stuff out and another person’s stuff in.  Offices are being divided, walls patched, furniture switched, and extensions changed.  Boxes piled to waist level mingle with pieces of furniture propped here and there.

About half of my office furniture was pulled into the vortex of change.  Monday I discovered much of my furniture would move to the other side of the wing.  I knew it would happen someday.  There’s a hierarchy of furniture here.  Directors and up usually have wooden furniture, the rest of us have metal desks and wood wannabe bookshelves.  As a Coordinator, my office is definitely in the metal and wannabe category, but for the last year I’ve enjoyed the furniture of the upper echelon.

Tuesday a tall, very dusty and grimy bookcase was moved into my office to hold all the things from my desk and 2 wooden bookcases as well as things from one lateral file.  I cleaned it and then filled it’s space rather quickly on Wednesday.  I also filled my little round table with a tidal pool of paper and my foosball table is now home to a few boxes of miscellaneous desk stuff. Thursday while I was taking my parents to their doctor’s appointments, about half my furniture moved out and two long tables moved in.   My phone and  printer occupy the tables.  That side of the room is quite minimalistic.  This side of the room is Sherylistic.

photo courtesy of Jennifer Lamb

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