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Flu Lessons

My absence here last week was largely due to my general absence from life last week. As I’ve begun to come out of the misery induced state the flu pushed me into, I may have learned a thing or two or seven.

Only in TCK World

I think it’s fair to say the majority of my facebook friends are TCKs. I try to read through as many status updates and other postings on my home page as I can each day. Some days it’s pretty mundane fare. Other days there are definite “Only in TCK World” posts.

My Now List

lipstick jihad book cover

What I am listening to right now: The sound of the fan on my computer . . . my roommate (just for this week and last), Laura,  talking on the phone to her boyfriend . . . some static/electronic/music coming from somewhere. What computer I am using right now: My Dell Latitude D610.  I love […]