Only in TCK World

I have a lot of friends on facebook.  I mean a lot.  Like over 1,000.  I’ve met and know all but about 5 of them.  Of those 5, I feel like I don’t really have much of a clue about 2 of them.  I think it’s fair to say the majority of my facebook friends are TCKs.

I try to read through as many status updates and other postings on my home page as I can each day.  Some days it’s pretty mundane fare.  Other days there are definite “Only in TCK World” posts.  I thought you might like a little glimpse into that world.

1. “From Equator to Prime Meridian” . . . a 20 something TCK chaperoning a high school trip to London

2. “What’s happening to the dollar?! It’s jumped to 1.59 leva!” . . . from a high school junior in Bulgaria

3. “Jutro mam na ósmÄ… do szkoÅ‚y” . . . from a high schooler in Poland.  (You’ll have to use google translation tools just like I do.)

4. ” The next Middlle eastern male that cuts in front of me in line will seriously be getting strangled by his precious gutera head gear.” . . . a 20 something female TCK working in the Middle East.

5. “Shawarma for lunch” (with picture of said schwarma) followed by a comment of “Was it the real deal?!” . . . 20 somethings in the Midwest excited about finding Lebanese food.

6. “Happy Belated Birthday from Brunei!”  this one kind of explains itself.

7. “You know what happens when you lick a pole in the middle of winter? don’t ask how,but i’ve discovered the same effect is possible in Africa… ouch” . . . high school senior in Africa (Yeah, you figured that out, didn’t you?)

8. “Too fast” followed by “Jogya Singapore The Island” . . . an 18 year old TCK in Asia

9. ” . . . was attacked by safari ants while rewiring some security floodlights in the dark. Ants in my pants…at least I didn’t get eletrocuted.” . . . a 30 something TCK in Africa

and my favorite . . .

10. “Do you have parent’s address?” . . . from a 20 something studying in Europe to her 20 something brother studying in the US about their parents living in another European country neither sibling has ever lived in.

Only in TCK World.

photo courtesy of mightykenny

9 responses to “Only in TCK World”

  1. Thanks, Beth! There is some amusing stuff out there. The funny thing is that most of it seems so normal to me.

  2. Hey, Sheryl, What a FUN blog you have! These kinds of things are actually QUITE funny and only
    a TCK could fully understand them, and LOVE them!!
    Please pray for Mike, who will be getting married on Sunday to a girl who has never been outside of Durham, NC except the trips she took with mike to NYC and Chicago…we’re kind of concerned for other reasons…
    and for SAM, our almost 26 year old, who has a job interview today after being unemployed since Sept!
    He’s been getting almost the same amount for unemployment that we do for salary!!!!! so he’s been doing OK,
    just that it would be GREAT if he could get a job!

    This one sounds like him….just the kind of thing he’s good at, etc.

  3. Thanks, Donna Jeanne! I enjoy writing it, so I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading it.

    I’ll definitely be praying. Those are some big requests. It’s a good thing God is even bigger!

  4. They sound normal to me too. Must be because I’m parenting two TCKs… 🙂
    I love you.

  5. Miss O,
    Thanks for using my anger injected status update! Nice to know someone feels my frustration. I hope you’re getting payoffs from Starbucks for your advertisement for them in your top picture there!

  6. Jules—You’re very welcome! And it would be very nice if Starbucks wanted to reward me. I wouldn’t say, “No”. (Starbucks, are you paying attention?!?!)

    Soul—I love you, too and those TCKs you’re parenting. Normalcy is pretty subjective, isn’t it?

  7. Yep. It’s very subjective, especially in our family, where 2 grown TCKs are now raising 2 TCKs. We create our own “normal.”

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