My Now List

lipstick jihad book coverWhat I am listening to right now:
The sound of the fan on my computer . . . my roommate (just for this week and last), Laura,  talking on the phone to her boyfriend . . . some static/electronic/music coming from somewhere.

What computer I am using right now:
My Dell Latitude D610.  I love having a laptop—especially when I’m traveling!

What I am eating right now:
Nothing . . . but soon I will have my pre-bedtime/pre-medicine banana with peanutbutter.

What I am drinking right now:
Nothing, but I’ll have some water to take my pills.

What I have just finished doing:
Watching “The Bachelorette” online and reading xanga blogs.

What I will do immediately after posting this:
get ready for bed.

What I am reading now:
Besides the things I’m writing . . . Lipstick Jihad by Azadeh Moaveni.  Tomorrow I will read my advising group’s self report.

Last email I received:
Facebook—telling me I have a piece of flair waiting for me.

Last text I received:
was about 2 weeks ago from Lindsay—just checking in on me.

Last blog entry I read:
I just finished reading a bunch of Xanga blogs and I really can’t tell you whose was last.  Sigh.

What I did last night:
Drove to Buffalo to pick up one of my temporary roomies, Teresa, from the airport, then all of us (Lacey, Laura, Laura (yes, there are 2 Lauras), Teresa, and Kristi) in the townhouse sat around the living room with our laptops visiting and driving each other crazy on FaceBook.  So post modern of us.

What I’m doing tonight:
I think I already covered this . . . blogging, reading blogs, watching The Bachelorette, getting ready for bed, taking medicine, eating a banana with peanutbutter.

What I just looked at right now:
Teresa who just walked in the room with Laura’s overnight bag.

And there you have my list of oh-so-important things to know at the moment.

I’ve had a good week and a half so far . . . a great advising group . . . fun with friends . . . I’m sad for it to end on Friday, but I’m ready to be home, too.  I guess you can never have the best of all possible worlds in the constrains of time.

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