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WelliesI’m sorry I’ve been away.  Last week technical difficulties plagued my computer and my life.  Once I got those straightened out, international travel took over.  My soul is still catching up with my body, consequently I’m not capable of terribly developed thoughts.  Today I give you quick thoughts.

Quick Thought #1 – It seems in Europe (and actually in parts of the States) it’s acceptable for your skin to be covered but for nothing to be left to the imagination..  I won’t be too surprised if soon body paint is acceptable in place of clothes.

Quick Thought #2 – Having an empty seat next to you on a cross-Atlantic flight is a wonderful blessing.

Quick Thought #3 – Wellies are the footwear fashion trend that will hit the States next.

Quick Thought #4 – I’m not sure I ever had as much energy as the group of teens I’m hanging out with this week.

Quick Thought #5 – I’m amazed by the force of personality of some kids.  They give an order and people all around rush to comply.  I still haven’t figured out from  where that confidence and authority emanates.  I just hope those kids use their power for good and not evil.

Quick Thought #6 – When in Hungary be sure to distinguish A menu from THE menu.  You might wind up eating something you never expected to eat if you don’t.

Quick Thought #7 – Tylenol PM (or it’s generic equivalent) may be my new favorite traveling companion.

Quick Thought #8 – You can learn lots of names in a relatively short amount of time when each name is attached to a hand motion and an alliterative adjective.

Quick Thought #9 – I need to travel with Febreze (or it’s generic equivalent).

Quick Thought #10 – I love working with TCKs!


What are some of the thoughts flitting through your brain?


photo courtesy of Gerry Balding on Flickr Creative Commons



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  1. Been praying for your health and energy. Hope your Soul and Body catch up with eacdh other soon!

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