Category: Life Outside the USA

  • Never Once

    It’s a hard day.  Eleven years ago the gunfire started in earnest. Now it continues in Nairobi. So many milestones of tragedy, loss, and grief are piled into this week.  Now there are more.  This time they aren’t mine, but ones of people I love.  This third week in September seems doomed to hold too […]

  • Not in the Plan

    Not in the Plan

    I sat at my friends’ home in Doi Saket, Thailand last Saturday. It was my last day in country. We’d decided a quiet day was in order.

  • So Where’s Home?

    So Where’s Home?

    This video gives you a glimpse of some TCKs trying to answer the “Where’s Home?” question. There answers are insightful and quite typical of their people group.

  • Quick Thoughts

    Quick Thoughts

    My soul is still catching up with my body, consequently I’m not capable of terribly developed thoughts. Today I give you quick thoughts.

  • Peace

    Peace is one of my favorite things. Not just inner peace, but a nation at peace.

  • Indelible

    a tropical smoke smokier than smoke– permeates my skin, my hair, my soul

  • Preparing for a Move

    It’s important to let them come to terms with the move, without you constantly trying to drill home the positive points.

  • Back to School

    I spent only an hour in Grade 5 before winding up in the Headmaster’s office.

  • A Taste of Heaven

    My soul felt more at home than it has in a long time.