A Taste of Heaven

My apologies for a week of silence.  I was hanging out with some amazing teenagers during most of my waking hours last week.  The week before that I was traveling and training and not putting blog posts in the bank.  Hopefully that won’t happen again soon.  And now for the real post . . .

puzzle time

Yesterday I had the privilege to worship at an International Church.  My soul felt more at home than it has in a long time.  Everything was done in English, so that wasn’t a change for me.  Being in a minority was a big change.  The service was led by a Korean, a Filipino, a German, a Brit, and an American.  The congregation was full of many, many different nationalities.  It was a bit of heaven on earth.

Don’t get me wrong—I love where I worship in the States and the people with whom I worship.  The longer I live in Denver, the less pale it becomes (though it’s far from a thriving international center).  It just seems to be missing a little je ne sais quoi that I find in an International setting.  If you get a chance to try an International Church, go for it.  You’ll get a foretaste of eternity.

photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero

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