A Taste of Heaven

My apologies for a week of silence.  I was hanging out with some amazing teenagers during most of my waking hours last week.  The week before that I was traveling and training and not putting blog posts in the bank.  Hopefully that won’t happen again soon.  And now for the real post . . .

puzzle time

Yesterday I had the privilege to worship at an International Church.  My soul felt more at home than it has in a long time.  Everything was done in English, so that wasn’t a change for me.  Being in a minority was a big change.  The service was led by a Korean, a Filipino, a German, a Brit, and an American.  The congregation was full of many, many different nationalities.  It was a bit of heaven on earth.

Don’t get me wrong—I love where I worship in the States and the people with whom I worship.  The longer I live in Denver, the less pale it becomes (though it’s far from a thriving international center).  It just seems to be missing a little je ne sais quoi that I find in an International setting.  If you get a chance to try an International Church, go for it.  You’ll get a foretaste of eternity.

photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero

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  1. Love this – and the pic that goes with it. It would be fun to design some photos that represent our TCK-ness. (Maybe you should have a contest!). Every time I take communion and hear the same scriptures, I am reminded of communions I attended around the world – and the beautiful unity and fellowship.

  2. Hi Sheryl,

    Good to hear from you!

    I agree with the “je ne sais quoi- ness” that may be missing from your home church when compared to an international church or even any indigenous church in another culture. But I think you’ve hit on something by suggesting that there’s a bit of “heaven on earth” offered when worshiping with and in other cultures.

    Love the artwork with this post too. Is it your new TCK logo? Also loved the photos you were tagged in on facebook. And I agree with Lori’s statement above too — I am always struck by the unity and universal communion we have in Christ.

    PS — the people at your home church love you too! Thanks for the shout-out.

    Continue to have a great trip!


  3. We are rather like homogenized milk here in the states when chocolate and mocha and even strawberry can taste pretty good! Isn’t it great how much God loves us no matter where we get to worship Him!

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