Yes, It Is

face-shocked“Porn.  Is it a problem for women?”

That’s the question my friend Libby posed as we searched for a workshop topic.  It didn’t take me long to respond, “Yes.  Why wouldn’t it be?”

We had our topic.  We also had our work cut out for us.

When I first asked my boss about resources for women dealing with porn– I didn’t want to google “women+porn”–he asked, “Are you sure that’s worth your time?  I don’t think it’s a problem for women.”  I convinced him there was good evidence to believe it is.  He put me in contact with a psychologist specializing in men’s pornography addictions.  This new contact doused the workshop idea with doubt.

We  created a survey for Christian women about pornography, their involvement with it, things that contribute to it, and resources they have to deal with it or to help others deal with it.  Our survey, a decidedly unscientific and improvable instrument, backed up our hunches.  Finding more information at that time was difficult but not impossible.

What did we learn?  Women struggle with porn addictions.  Christian women are not exempt.  Most of the resources available are designed for men.  Scant but growing support for women exists.

Since our original workshop I’ve updated and shared the presentation a number of times within the missions’ community.  Last night as I shared what I’ve learned with a group of ladies from my mom’s church, I realized the resources I’ve found need to be in a single, accessible place. These helpful websites now reside as links on a tab here.

My area of expertise is lies elsewhere, but I know this is important.  I don’t want those who struggle to think there is no hope.  If you know someone who needs these resources, help her.

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