Writing Scripture

Lately, I’ve felt a bit stale.  When I sit down and crack open my Bible, focus flies out the window.  Soon after surgery I blamed it on the painkillers.  Then I blamed it on the cold medicine.  I haven’t had anything blameworthy other than me lately.

I started thinking about new ways to get back into the Scriptures.  I wanted it to be fresh and thought provoking.  Before surgery I saw a video about a husband and wife who were in the process of copying the Bible by hand.  I considered that but found it daunting.

Then today I read this.  The basic idea is going through the Psalms, reading a psalm and then writing an anti-Psalm—the antithesis of the original Psalm.  “Genius!” I thought. So I started.

I love it.  I read Scripture—and not just to say that I’d done it.  On one side of my notebook, I copied the Psalm.  On the facing page, I wrote the anti-Psalm.

This exercise forces me to think about meaning and word choice.  I have to question my choices.  At one point my mind even got a little convoluted trying to figure out which phrase was about the wicked and which was about the righteous.  Is what I’m writing as powerful as what the Psalm says?  If not, how do I make it that powerful?  Am I really saying the opposite of what the psalmist says?  If I’m not, how do I say that?

Granted I only started this today, but I’m excited.  It’s thoughtful and do-able.  I’m excited!

Want to join me?  If not, what are you doing to keep your faith fresh?

photo courtesy of Chris Dillon

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