When Monday is Friday

calendar 2When Monday is Friday the world goes a little wonky.  When Monday is Friday, it’s a good indication the rest of the week may have problems.  That remains to be seen. When Friday is your Friday off and it’s also good Friday and everyone has it off, you get to take another day off–for me, that was today.  My Monday was actually my Friday.

When Monday is Friday . . .

1. You get to sleep in.  Really, really in.  Hello 10 hours of sleep! That was after a 2 hour nap Sunday evening.  I didn’t mean to take a nap so late in the day.  It just kind of happened while I was changing my clothes.  I think I needed some good sleep.

2. You can continue springish cleaning.  My weekend cleaning projects continued today.  I  finished emptying and rearranging kitchen cabinets.  Efficiency and organization are not my strong suits.  I’m trying to change.  I think I might have succeeded in getting rid of some outdated and unused things in the kitchen.  Now I just have to remember where things belong in this new scheme.

3. You get your laundry done.  Three loads and a little leftover.

4. You get to file that mass of papers on the corner of the dining room table.

5. You flip your mattress.  Somehow it used to be easier.  Today’s mattress flipping taught me that it really shouldn’t be a one person job.

6. You get to bring a little more order to your life.

7. You realize for the umpteenth time paper is your enemy when it comes in the form of mail that is in no way personal, but is still important.  Seriously, I could drown in the stuff.

8. You don’t check work email.  Really.  I’m learning that it can be done.

9. You finish the fourth series of Foyle’s War.  Ahhhh, BBC!  Murders and history?  You had me with the opening strains of series 1.  I know WWII ended, but only 4 mysteries at a time?  Perhaps you need to be acquainted with Law and Order.  It’s not as beautifully done as Foyle’s War, but they haven’t run out of story lines yet.

10. You realize that you didn’t post your Monday blog as you intended.  You spend what should be making the bed time and the beginning of sleep to tell people why there wasn’t a post earlier in the day,

11. You don’t leave the house all day, and you don’t feel bad about it.

That’s what happens when Monday is Friday.  How was your Monday?

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