What Does it Look Like When God Shows Up?

open doorThis question—What does it look like when God shows up?—was posed to me this morning.  It has been nibbling at the corners of my mind all day.  There’s no doubt in my mind that He is my constant companion.  Admittedly, I don’t always live like it, but I know it’s true.  (That’s another good question—what would it look like if I consistently lived out that belief?  A good question for another day.)  But what does it look like to realize that He’s here and at work?

At times, it’s easy to identify his actions—an envelope shows up with an anonymous encouraging note and the exact amount of money I’d been stressing over earlier.  I just miss being part of a colossal vehicular accident—and not because I’m such a stellar driver.  The tumor/disease/clot that was clearly there in tests and x-rays suddenly evaporated.  I easily see those as God working with technicolor and a symphony.  But what about today?  What about an ordinary day without flashing colors and a soundtrack?

I think I don’t always acknowledge God’s presence and prompting when it’s more subtle.  When the plane lands without a problem . . . when someone pops up on facebook chat and offers a random piece of information that makes 90 other pieces of information fall into place . . . when sleep is sweet and undisturbed . . . when answers creatively coalesce while I wake up in the shower . . . when the necessary song streams through my mind as I drive down the road . . . when an apt word is spoken at the right time . . . when you can delight a three year old with a baloon, a card, and a piece of candy . . . this is what it looks like when God shows up every day.

What does it look like when you notice God showing up in your day?

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