Waking Up

I hate it.  It used to induce violence, now it causes inner rebellion. Waking up—it’s not my favorite thing to do.

I fight turning off the light to go to sleep most nights.  There’s one more word to find, one more magazine article to consume, one more chapter to read.  Sleep interferes with what’s next.  Once I turn off the light, I’m usually gone before I can roll over.

Waking up doesn’t come easily for me.  I fight it.  Sleep once it has me, doesn’t want to let go.

Usually my morning dreams are happy ones that dissipate with the alarm clock.  I pretty much hate the alarm clock.  It summons me from comfort and warmth to the cold reality of the new day that hours later I will hang onto tenaciously.  Starting the day isn’t high on my list of fun things.

I kind of envy those who wake up without the clock–those who wake up happy and ready to discover what the day holds.  That’s not me.  I have to slowly wake up in the shower.  I wake up a little more as I have breakfast, and even more as I have some coffee.  I love that first sip of coffee and feeling the creases in my brain relax a little.

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Today I’m participating in Lisa Jo’s/The Gypsy Mama‘s Five Minute Friday. Today’s prompt? “Waking Up.” The instructions? Set the timer for 5 minutes, write and don’t edit. Post. Not too difficult. Go over to her site and see what others have to say about today’s topic, then do your own and link up!

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