Viva Italia!!!

Rome panoramaI’ve definitely been missing out for a long time, well . . . all my life.  I’ve been in Italy since Tuesday evening.  What could be bad about a country that has an amazing variety of coffees almost everywhere you go, good chocolate and great friends?  I haven’t done much in Rome but sleep and visit with friends, but for the next few days we’ll do some exploring.  I spent the last few days in the mountains in a nice ski town, Roccarosa.  Gorgeous.  Most of my time was occupied with 6 amazing TCKs.  The word escaping my lips most often was, “FABRIZIO!!!!!!” but he’s 4.  It’s his job to find mischief and then turn those big brown eyes on me.  I tell you—the perks of my job are top notch!

photo courtesy of Filipe Samora


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