Twice a Year

globe and handsTwice a year WorldVenture appoints new people to serve Jesus cross-culturally.  Twice a year I spend the better part of a few days getting them ready for the recognition ceremony.  Twice a year I live with a stopwatch in my hand for a few days.  Twice a year I listen to their stories over and over.  Twice a year I help them refine and edit their stories.  Twice a year I let go of the watch and listen as others hear those stories for the first time.

Today was one of those days that only comes twice a year.  Today was a day of celebration.  Today 4 new couples were launched into years of telling their stories of God’s faithfulness and the stories He is writing for them.  Today 8 people were launched on a journey to change time and eternity.  Today was a good day.

photo courtesy of Littleman

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