Twice a Year

globe and handsTwice a year WorldVenture appoints new people to serve Jesus cross-culturally.  Twice a year I spend the better part of a few days getting them ready for the recognition ceremony.  Twice a year I live with a stopwatch in my hand for a few days.  Twice a year I listen to their stories over and over.  Twice a year I help them refine and edit their stories.  Twice a year I let go of the watch and listen as others hear those stories for the first time.

Today was one of those days that only comes twice a year.  Today was a day of celebration.  Today 4 new couples were launched into years of telling their stories of God’s faithfulness and the stories He is writing for them.  Today 8 people were launched on a journey to change time and eternity.  Today was a good day.

photo courtesy of Littleman

5 responses to “Twice a Year”

  1. I can imagine how it would be to have a few days of training and encouraging under your loving and watchful eye. You are an amazing teacher, and it must be exhilarating watching the final product!

  2. You’re both very kind, Ginger and Sarah. I do love seeing the final product—or at least the final at this point product. It’s humbling to think that I have a part in what God is doing in these people to change the world.

  3. How ones life is multiplied and multiplied and …. and…

    Praise our God for your commitment to eternal issues.

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