Too Long

portrait of a napI can’t remember the last time it happened.  It used to be a regular occurrence.   At some points in my life it was reserved for Sundays.  At other points it happened multiple times during the week.  It happened once this summer when I was running on empty. Lately, it hasn’t been part of my life; that is until today.

Today was the day of the nap.  It had been too, too long since I’d closed my eyes and slept soundly during the middle of the day.  It was glorious!

I planned to try to sleep for an hour . . . or maybe an hour and a half.  It was a good plan.  I didn’t follow it.  Three hours after I set the alarm and snuggled under the covers, I convinced myself that getting up was the best thing to do.  I had 40 minutes to get to the office, so it really was a good idea.

I’m pretty sure I really needed some extra sleep.  I’m also sure I won’t have trouble sleeping tonight.  The last few weeks have been busy and a little stressful.  Not walking normally with an aircast boot on my foot lends to fatigue.  People filled days—as exciting and important as they are—also contributed to my need for a nap.  Whatever created the need, denying it was futile.

I’m not sure why little kids fight naps.  Perhaps they’re concerned they’ll miss something amazing.  I think the truth is, if they miss their naps, they’ve really shortchanged themselves.  Silly kids.

My advice to you?  If you have a chance to rest your eyes, take it!  Even if it’s a power nap—one lasting around 20 minutes—do it!  This site lists some of the benefits of the power nap.  I tend to think they’re benefits for any nap.  Some of my favorites include the following: less stress, more creativity and productivity, improved memory, and generally improved better health.

Don’t wait too long like I did.  Take a nap the next time you have a chance.

photo courtesy of Katie Harris

7 responses to “Too Long”

  1. From Sarah:
    “Dear Miss Sheryl,
    I love my naps. Sometimes my eyes don’t want to close and my feet and hands won’t stop moving, but I stay quiet because Mommy and Daddy say it is good for my body. Sometimes it feels like forever before someone opens the door and rescues me from my nap, but they always do! Mommy and Daddy are good like that! If being grown up means I can’t take a nap, I think I’ll stay little forever! You should take more naps. It’s good for your body, too. Next time you come to visit Mommy will make you take a nap. She likes to make people take naps so she can have alone time. Yesterday Daddy took a nap, too and Mommy went to Target alone. You should tell Mommy she needs to take more naps!
    Mommy and I love you,
    Sarah Jean”

  2. One of my favorite quotes is “Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is sleep” by John Ortberg. Now that’s wisdom!

  3. Dear Sarah Jean—
    I’m glad you love your naps. Don’t be swayed by other things. Stick to the nap. It is good for your body. Grown-ups often forget it’s good for their bodies, too. Yes. You should stay little forever. Forget having a birthday in a few days. You really don’t need it. I’ll remind your Mommy that she needs more naps. Don’t worry!

    Love you both—Sheryl

    Sarah Dell,
    It must be Sarah day here at 🙂 The nap was wonderful. In fact, I’m ready for one right now. I don’t think people here would appreciate it. I heart you, too! See you soon!

  4. I miss the days of mandatory rest period at boarding schools! Never did like them when I was an elementary boarding student but grew to appreciate them by the time I was in high school. Still LOVE a good nap whenever I can finagle time for one! 🙂

  5. When I first arrived in Cote d’Ivoire I thought noon rest was just a longer prep period. By the time I left, I was sure it truly was created for napping. My favorite weekdays were the ones where I had a prep period either just before or just after noon rest. What heaven to be able to sleep, eat, and prep!

  6. That’s one of my favorite quotes, too, Shelley! I need to say it to myself as much as I say it to others.

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