The Week That Is

I’ve been anticipating this week since my calendar was planned over a year ago.  This was supposed to be my week of sanity.  This was supposed to be the week I got a lot done in order to be ready for the next 3 months.  This was supposed to be the week I got it all together.

Instead, this is the week I lost it a few times.  This is the week I didn’t turn on my computer before 3 PM a few times.  This is the week I’ve felt pulled through a knot-hole backwards.  This is the week where I feel less prepared than I did 5 days ago.

This was the week parts of my house started to sparkle—while parts of my house slid deeper into the abyss of messiness.  This was the week my tanks were filled listening to three incredible young ladies who happen to be TCKs.

This was the week I was humbled by a stranger advocating for me.  This is the week I felt disregarded by those who have a vested interest  in my success and longevity.

This is the week a few people said, “Yes” while a few more said, “Sorry.  I can’t.”  This was the week when others jumped into brainstorming with and for me to see if they could help.

This is the week I connected to family and friends I’ve not had contact with in over 20 years.  This is the week I discovered a former student is my friend’s pastor.  This is the week I felt very far away.

This was the week I felt scattered.  More scattered than usual.  The highs were great. The lows were excruciating.

This wasn’t the week I expected.

photo courtesy of Zela / Marja Flick-Buijs

7 responses to “The Week That Is”

  1. I love you my sister. Your heart, it is a beautiful mess and I love it too. You make me smile to the tips of my toes and I love the raw, transparent, real, authentic, nakedness you share your life with us who know you through. It is a ridiculous blessing to know you and to love you and to see you and to care for you. I am deeply honoured to be invited to journey with you. Prayers lifted, praying your spirits will follow suit. MWAH!

  2. hi friend… praying for you… praying that even in the week that you didn’t expect, that God gave you some moments of encouragement and peace and rest 🙂 hugs

  3. Thanks so much, Jenny! This last week did lots and lots to make up for that week. I appreciate your prayers! Today was my day off for Memorial Day; so lots of rest!

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