The Threes of Me

Bingo Number 3This was not the post that was supposed to go up today.  You were supposed to watch a video about TCKs. It’s a really good video.  I’d give you the link, but I hope I can get it up here one day.

So, instead of hearing about TCKs in their own words, you get a little bit of what looks like narcissism. I’m sorry about that.  I realized the problem with the video too late to think anything resembling a profound thought.

Enjoy a few random facts about me brought to you by the number 3!

Three names I go by:
Sheryl;  Auntie O;  Miss O

Three jobs I have had in my life:
TCK Coordinator;  Rubber Stamp Demonstrator;  Book shipper

Three Places I have lived:
Centennial, CO;  Bouake, Cote d’Ivoire;  Middletown, NY

Three Favorite drinks:

Cinnamon Dolce Latte . . . really, pretty much anything coffee related;   milk (American—not out of a box or can);  Diet Coke with Lime

Three TV shows that I watch:
NCIS;  The Amazing Race;  The Big Bang Theory

Three Places I Have Been:
Thailand;  South Africa;  Senegal

Three of my favorite restaurants:
Damascus Grill; any place with good NY pizza—like Big Bill’s in Centennial;
Elephant in Bouake . . . sigh . . . it no longer exists:(

Three things I’m looking forward to:

Christmas with my family;  a trip to Turkey to hang out with some WorldVenture peeps;  SHARE Family Ed Conference in February

photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds

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