The Secret Powers of Time

sundialIt’s video week at I didn’t plan it.  It just happened that way.

This fascinating video came to me via my brother. It has so many things to say about time, culture, education, and one of the reasons I don’t wear a watch anymore.  Just one of them; there are several.

Again, it’s a bit long, but it’s very worth it.  The delivery is almost as fascinating as the content.  If you’ve got 10 more minutes,  I think you’ll be glad you spent them watching this video.

What do you think about what Philip Zimbardo has to say?

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5 responses to “The Secret Powers of Time”

  1. very interesting! Raises a lot of questions regarding the control of ‘game time’; new teaching techniques. etc.

    Much to ponder.

  2. Just heard a news item on XM radio that contributes to this video.
    Recent study concludes that todays youth spend an average of 53+ hours a week with electronic content. ie cell phone; iPod;computer;movies;music-well, you get the idea.

    Educators MUST become creative and harness this learning style

  3. Fascinating… So what do we do now? And what’s it going to be like for my kids, who hardly spend any time on computer games, who don’t even have a TV?
    I’m intrigued by the future orientation idea, as we are going to be studying Oberlin this week, and he was VERY strong on this, and that was what made him so productive in the valley, I think. The idea that this world isn’t all there is, that we are getting ready for heaven. He took it very seriously. And look at all the social progress that came of it!!
    In fact, I may even choose to use this film in my teaching time… although the French kids won’t be able to understand…

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